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Travis Clark- Los Angeles, CA Performed in 2013
"The Cape Fear Comedy Festival was a blast. I got to see and meet great comics from all over the country. I made friends, recorded an episode of my podcast and genuinely had one of the most fun times I've had doing comedy. Also I saw a guy play a banjo in a grocery store. True story."

Lew Morgante- Wimington, NC Performed in 2013
"As a comic I had a chance to perform multiple times in multiple venues to diverse audiences. The ability to meet, work with and network with comics from other cities, states and even countries was invaluable. I have made connections that will help me move my comedy career to the next level and friendships for a lifetime."

David Britton- Bloomington, IN performed in 2013
"The Cape Fear Comedy Festival was one of the best times I've ever had doing comedy! Not only were the crowds great, but the other performers were all really supportive. I got to meet some really funny people who I never would have seen otherwise. It was exciting getting to meet comedians from all over the country!"

Jabari Davis- San Francisco, CA Performed in 2013
"My highlight of 2013. Wilmington is an amazing town, and the people really love comedy. All of the shows were awesome, but most importantly the Comedians from the Carolinas really showcased a ton of talent. Im happy to call them my friends. Thumbs up to the Cape Fear Comedy Festival! Cant wait to come back."

Josh McDonald- Huntington, WV Performed in 2013
"What I loved the most about the Cape Fear Comedy Festival is how accepting everyone is of each other. A lot of festivals are very competitive even if they aren't labeled as such but at Cape Fear everybody is very supportive of what everyone else is doing. For me it was like summer camp but with slightly more alcohol. I hope to do it again for infinity."

Cliff Cash- Wilmington, NC Performed in 2013
"The Cape Fear Comedy Festival saved my life then also changed it forever. Seriously, I'm so glad I did this. It's literally become my favorite time of year."

Matt Koff- New York City Performed in 2012
"I had a blast at Cape Fear. Did great shows, met great comics, and FOR CHRIST'S SAKE IT'S NEAR THE BEACH!!!"

Riley Fox- Knoxville, TN performed in 2012
"This was my first festival and I loved meeting comics from all over the country. I had a great experience and would gladly do it again!"

Tim Warner- New York City performed in 2012
"The amount of stagetime and the fact that Matt & Tim actually give a shit about the festival are a couple of qualities that make Cape Fear stand out from other comedy festivals."

Ryan Schutt- Washington D.C. performed in 2012
"The Cape Fear Comedy Festival is a seamlessly run, standup-focused festival that attracts a great blend of talented comics from across the country. Matt and Tim were ideal hosts: laid back and friendly while simultaneously diligent and responsive. 

During the festival, Nutt St. provides a packed house full of engaged comedy fans in an intimate environment; it’s an energizing and inspiring place to perform standup. 

The setting alone makes the trip worthwhile. Wilmington is a beach college town with a passionate and active comedy community that embraces the festival. The town gives you great weather, cool and inexpensive bars and restaurants, and gorgeous women all in one spot. It’s a nice counterbalance to the bleak urban landscapes in which standup comedy often takes place."

Louis Bishop- Wilmington, NC performed in 2012
The chance to perform with comics on different levels of their craft from so many different markets. The classes that where offered were a big help also!

Ali Clayton- Chicago, IL performed in 2011
"It's a festival that's all about the comics. I live in Chicago now but I was born in raised in NC and I am a Carolina girl through and through. There's nothing like getting back to your roots. The festival was a great opportunity to show my family in NC what I spend all my time doing. My daddy enjoyed the festival so  much that while attempting to do a dance move he fell flat on his face and broke his collar bone. That's how hard we partied at CFCF!"

Justin Williams- NYC performed in 2011
"Great festival ran by some genuinely nice people.  Nutt St. is a great room and the audiences couldn't have been more awesome. I had a blast meeting comics from all over the country, many of which I still work with or drink heavily with today."

Pete Peterson- Boise, ID performed in 2011
"I had just a super time @ The Cape Fear Comedy Festival & would encourage other comics to attend. It is a festival run by comics for comics."

Kenneth McLauren- Ithaca, NY Performed in 2010
"CFCF is the best Comedy Festival that I have been a part of.  It is a comedian's festival, where the emphasis is on, having fun, networking, performing.  Nutt St. Comedy Room is a great place to perform.  The comedy scene in Wilmington is vibrant and exciting and the audiences are great.  I while there I met comedians from all over the country and was able to use those connections to perform up and down the east coast.  I had a ball, and wish the Cape Fear Comedy Festival was every month."

Kaytlin Bailey- NYC Performed in 2011
"Every night was a dance party, followed by a slumber party, followed by a beach day....also, there was comedy. 
Seriously, since then Lauren Vino, Babe Parker and I have all met up to support each other in NYC and work on projects together. The Cape Fear Comedy Festival got us all in the sane room speaking the same comedy language, and for that reason alone I would kill puppies to do again."

Sherman Edwards- Chicago, IL Performed in 2011
"I've been to festivals around the world and never have felt more like I was on vacation than when I was performing at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival. during the day I would swim in the ocean and at night I was performing in front of great crowds and making friends and connections with comics from around the country. can't wait for the next one."

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