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Comic's Schedules



Doors 8:30, Show 9pm
Improv Show with Nutthouse, Pinapple Shaped Lamps, Unstoppable Failure (Introduction by Matt Ward)

Saturday May 4th NUTT ST COMEDY ROOM

Doors 12pm, Show 1pm
Film Screening of "I am Comic"
Show 3pm
Film Screening of "Alone Up There"

Doors 7, Show 7:30
Ed Hill, Xander Deveaux, Jenn Tisdale, David Brittan, Monty Mitchell, Derek Sheen, Sean Patton (Hosted by Sean Webb)

Doors 8:30, Show 9pm
Lew Morgante, Doug Blay, Laura Sanders, Rojo Perez, Tony Boswell, Travis Clark, David Drake, Sean Patton (Hosted by Timmy Sherrill)

Doors 10, Show 10:30
Katie Rose Leon, Justin Williams, Tyler Jackson, Shea Spillane, Michele Durante, Danielle Rudford, Jared Logan, Sean Patton (Hosted by Timmy Sherrill)

Saturday May 4th Soapbox Lounge (Upstairs from Nutt St.)

Doors 6, Show 7pm
Brian Frange, John Michael Bond, Larry Fulford, Lonnie Brahn, Natalie Shure, Saurin Choksi, Cliff Cash, Louis Bishop, Beth Raynor (hosting: colton demonte)

Door 8, Show 8:30
Jay Whitecotton, Joe Welkie, Tim Hanlon, Chris Miller, Dusty Slay, Mickey Housley, Mike Albanese, Laura Prangley (Hosted by Zack Burk

Doors 9:30, Show 10
Josh McDonald, Jabari Davis, Luke Thayer, Matty Ryan, Greg Williams, Mike Hannon, Brandie Posey, Andrew Polk (Hosted by Bobby Romadka)

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