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About The Cape Fear Comedy Festival
The 2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival is a four day Independently run live comedy festival held on May 7th-10th in Wilmington, North Carolina.  What does 'independently run' mean?  It means that two guys, both comedians, run the festival without the influence of agents or funding multi-national corporations.

Note about the closing for Nutt Street Comedy Room

Nutt Street Comedy Room closed it's doors for good in the summer of 2013.  While this was an end to an amazing chapter of comedy in the Southeast United States, it is not over.  Owner Timmy Sherrill moved on and is now producing events throughout Wilmington and beyond under the name Dead Crow Comedy. The closing was not Timmy's decision and due to no fault of the club or the clubs staff.  The club closed due to the parent venue (The Soapbox Laundro-Lounge) closing it's doors for good. The Cape Fear Comedy Festival will go on as planned in 2014 at the new spots where comedy has begun to thrive since Nutt Street's closing.

The Cape Fear Comedy Festival is NOT a Comedy Contest! 

The Cape Fear Comedy Festival will also feature multiple opportunities for comedians to network and meet other comedians participating in the festival. Each evening will conclude with a meet and greet at Nutt Street Comedy Room as well as several planned events that include a Comedy Promo Workshop and a beach tiki bar day.  Other various comedy related workshops will also be available for the 2013 festival.

The goal of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival is to provide a gathering place for comics to develop their careers and enjoy themselves while taking part in a comedian friendly festival. How is it comedian friendly? Because the two founders of the event, Matt Ward and Timmy Sherrill have been on both sides of the mic performing and producing comedy events.  Both have performed at multiple comedy festivals and have solicited feedback from hundreds of touring comics about what they get the most out of at a comedy festival.

Event History
The Cape Fear Comedy Festival is the brainchild of comedians/comedy show producers Timmy Sherrill and Matt WardThe Cape Fear Comedy Festival's inaugural event was May 26th-29th, 2010.  Nearly 100 comedians from the stand-up, sketch and improv comedy genres performed for thousands of comedy fans. Maria Bamford headlined the festival with a show at City Stage on Saturday May 29th closing out the festival. 

About the City
Wilmington, North Carolina
Population: 106,476 (40% growth in the last ten years)
% of Population with a Bachelor's degree 22%
Avg Age: 34 years old
TV and Movies filmed in Wilmington, NC: East Bound and Down (HBO Series), Revolution (Network TV Show), Swamp Loggers (Reality Show), Teen Mom 2 (We are sorry/Reality TV Show), One Tree Hill (Network TV Show), Dawson's Creek (Network TV Show), The Crow (Movie), Blue Velvet (Movie)

Wilmington is located on the Southeast Coast of North Carolina just 75 miles north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The city converges where the Cape Fear River spills into the Atlantic Ocean.  Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach are both located within minutes of Downtown Wilmington.  The area also is within an hour of Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Oak Island, Topsail Island and Surf City North Carolina.

The city came to be in 1739 and at one time was a stronghold for the Confederate Army as well as a regular watering hole for Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard. The city is steeped in history and was the birthplace of the likes of Michael Jordan and Journalist David Brinkley. The city a growing entertainment industry presence with films such as Talladega Nights, The Crow, Cape Fear, Weekend at Bernie’s and 28 Days filmed in Wilmington.  Also the show East Bound and Down was filmed in Wilmington even going as far to use Schaeffer BMW, located on New Centre Drive, without changing the name of the dealership for scenes during multiple episodes.

The weather in Wilmington, North Carolina is mild during the month of May with average daytime temperatures varying from 70-75 degrees towards the end of the month.  Memorial Day symbolizes the true beginning of summer and welcoming of the tourist population to the Cape Fear Coast. 

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