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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Please Take a Moment to Donate to the Family of our Fallen Friend: Sean Webb

On Sunday, April 27th, the world lost a funny, beautiful soul.  Sean Webb died of cancer with his loving wife by his side.  The Wilmington Comedy Family and beyond are devastated.  Just as Sean would have wanted it today a gathering of his closest friends got together to celebrate his life.

Stepping aside for a moment from being just the guy that is typing this (Matt Ward) to being real.  I have to say this.  In my 39 years on this planet I have never seen a true family unite and take to action when it was necessary like the Wilmington comics did, rallying around Sean over the last few years.  They came to his aid like a brother, and while I know many of them will read this and shrug it off, it makes me immensely proud as a person to be able to call them my friends.  Thank you all for being who you are.

Now for the rest of you that may not have know Sean, he was a father, a comic and a kind human.  He was part of the growing comedy scene that caused the rise of Nutt Street Comedy Room and The Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  Please take a moment to donate to his family.  We are comedians, we are family. We lost one of our own on Sunday...


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