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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Manna added as venue for Festival replacing Dead Crow Comedy

Manna, a classy restaraunt with an awesome performance room, will take the place of Dead Crow Comedy Club as a venue during the 2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  Manna is located at 123 Princess Street just one block from City Stage and The Beam Room and two blocks from Reel Cafe.  This means ALL OF THE VENUES FOR THE CAPE FEAR COMEDY FESTIVAL ARE JUST TWO BLOCKS APART!!  You can walk out of one show and be in another show within three minutes.  You can't beat that.  This gives comedy fans the chance to see a TON of shows during the festival!!

We were/are working our butts off on getting Dead Crow up and running for the festival, but we do not want to open it until it is 100% lining up with the vision Timmy and Cole have for the place.  So come to Manna, City Stage, The Beam Room and Reel Cafe to get your comedy fix during the festival!!!

Check out the adjusted schedule here>>

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