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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Full Calendar of Events Released!

Full Calendar of Events for the 2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival:
We now have published the dynamic schedule of events for the 2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival. This schedule is subject to some changes, but we will update it as quickly as we can after making any said changes.  

Judy Gold:
Judy Gold is our headline show on Wednesday night.  Tickets for her show are separate from the passes to the rest of the festival.  However, if you purchase tickets to see Judy Gold you will receive a special discount on passes to see the rest of the festival.  Purchase tickets to see Judy Gold now.

Festival Passes: 
We have simplified things this year for those wanting to come see the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  You can buy a festival pass if you want to see multiple shows at the festival for only $20 currently (goes up to $25 on May 1st).  If you purchase a festival pass you will exchange it the day of the show for a festival pass rubber bracelet.  This bracelet is permitted to be given to others to attend other events during the festival.  This means if you only wanted to see the early show on Friday and Saturday, you could meet up with friends after the early show and hand off the bracelet to them to see the late show. Purchase a Festival Pass now.


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