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Monday, January 20, 2014

Why We Don't Spend Thousands to Fly in Industry for the Cape Fear Comedy Festival

We, highly encourage you to submit to festivals that offer the chance to get in front of major agencies and high-end comedy industry folks.  We choose not to spend the money other festivals do on comedy industry presence, and here is why.

Industry Robs our Budget
Industry is expensive. Yes, in order to get industry to come in you have to fly them in, put them up and sometimes even more. We are a small festival that doesn't take big money from corporate sponsors.  In fact, we are crowd funded by comedian submissions and local businesses. We could bring in industry, but then our budget for other things for the comics would suffer. We would also have to devote a good amount of attention to this industry to make sure they knew when and where to be and that they felt they were being properly taken care of. In the end, we don't want to sacrifice the amount of ammenities we provide for comedians so that execs and agents can judge your marketability. We find that for our festival, getting the comedians to network and have a great time while providing optimal amounts of stage time (at least one show every day you are at the fest) and quality crowds is our primary focus. We are keeping it simple, we are staying small, and we grow organically.

DIY Comedy
We stand for good, independent, DIY comedy shows. We embrace those of you that produce one-nighters and theatre shows and backyard events and late night secret shows. We encourage creativity and not conformity in the word of stand-up. We firmly support comedian booked shows.

Just a reminder submissions end on January 31st at Midnite.  Click the Submit button above to do it today.

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