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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Other Comedy Festival Submission Deadlines and Dates

What?  Wait a minute, why in the world would the Cape Fear Comedy Festival write a blog about OTHER comedy festivals that are also now taking submissions other than our own? Becuase this info is not super easy to find online.  We are here for the comics.  Not all of you are going to be available to perform during the dates of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  So here are some other festivals with a link to submit to them and the deadlines/dates of their festivals.

Oh, and submissions are $25 for our festival Until January 31st at Midnite, after that they are $35 until Feb 14th at Midnite. So Submit now if you are going to:)

Limestone Comedy Festival
Submission Fee: $25 until Feb 28th
Deadline: March 21st
Link to Submit:
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Dates of Festival: May 29th-31st, 2014
Info about festival: The Limestone Comedy Festival is a three-day, multi-venue comedy festival held in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. It was created by Jared Thompson and Mat Alano-Martin, and made possible through the support of their partner venues, sponsors, friends and family.

Maine Comedy Festival
Submission Fee: $30 until April 15th
Deadline: June 15th
Link to Submit:
Location: Bethel, Maine
Dates of Festival: August 1st-3rd, 2014
Info about festival: (From This is NOT a competition-style festival, we believe in creating comedy family with seriously funny people from all over the world. The Maine Comedy festival is like going to an adult summer camp at a swanky resort, and a weekend-long party vibe with hilarious people! Every year we have have an equal number of female and male comics and from all over the country. There are clearly just as many funny women as there are men. We often will invite more applicants to submit so that we keep that ratio even. Funny ladies, please don’t be shy to apply, we never want it to end up being a giant meat-fest!

Submission Fee/Deadline: $20 through March 21st
Link to Submit:
Location: Chicago, IL
Dates of Festival: June, 2014
Info about festival: Probably my favorite concept for a comedy festival. (From the website) Snubfest is a Comedy Festival based in Chicago, IL showcasing overlooked performers who have been rejected from other Comedy Festivals. Since 2006 Snubfest has connected performers to industry professionals in Stand Up, Storytelling, Sketch Comedy, and Solo Performances.

L.A. Comedy Festival
Submission Fee: $45 through Jan 31st $60 until Feb 28th
Link to Submit:
Dates of Festival: April 24th-May 4th
Info About Festival:(From The Los Angeles Comedy Festival is the largest comedy festival in the United States featuring FILM, LIVE COMEDY ACTS, and a SCREENPLAY COMPETITION. The past festivals have featured thousands of performers and hundreds of films from LA and around the world. Our dual emphasis is on “discovering” great comedic talent with the purpose of promoting it to both the entertainment industry and the LA public, as well as, showcasing the works of seasoned professionals and well known stars.


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