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Monday, January 27, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ryan Singer @rysing to perform at 2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival

We are excited to begin announcing some of the performers for the 2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  First off we are excited to have Ryan Singer at our 5th Annual event this year!  Ryan is an amazing comedian that started out in Cincinnati but now lives in Los Angeles.  He has performed at Comedy Clubs AND Alternative venues across the country, making sure to keep a solid footing in both scenes.  He does things on his own terms and takes his audiences on amazing journeys not only filled with laughs but with a thought provoking message. 

Ryan took part in the Organic Comedy Tour alongside Jarrod Harris which saw the duo travel from indie comedy scene to indie comedy scene documenting the organic growth of the comedic arts communities along the way. The docu-series will be released in 2014.  


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