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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet the People Behind #CFCF2013: Videographer Zach Boylston

#CFCF2013 Videographer Zach Boylston
In addition to a professional photographer, The Cape Fear Comedy Festival is further increasing our efforts to document our 2013 Festival by enlisting the services of UNCW Film Student and videographer Zach Boylston.

Zach was born in Tokyo, Japan.  The son of a military family he grew up mostly in Wendell, North Carolina just outside Raleigh. Zach first tried stand-up at then named (Charlie) Goodnight's in Raleigh when he was 19 years old.  Not long after he moved to Wilmington, North Carolina.  He ended up meeting Matt Ward and Timmy Sherrill close to the same time when Timmy ran a tuesday night open mic in the space where his comedy club is now simply called 'Nutt Street'.  Every tuesday for months Boylston, Sherrill and Ward would get up on stage and work out their material while the crowds begin to get bigger and bigger.

Ward started Comedy by the Beach and made Zach a regular taking their comedy as far south as Savannah and as far north as the Outer Banks.  Less than a few years in he was getting paid to be funny.

In 2008 Zach decided it was time for a change and enlisted in the Navy before returning to Wilmington in 2011 to go back to UNCW to study Film. 

Zach has completed his first documentary about home brewers and the fast growing community of home brewers in Wilmington. The film will be debuting May 9th at Satellite Bar & Lounge. RSVP Here>> 

When asked what he is most excited about being a part of this year's festival, Zach said:
"I am really excited about meeting all the comics from around the country and exchanging some stories about our experiences in life. Also, I get to film behind the scenes footage, which I feel... is what makes Wilmington's comedy scene so unique. Those moments when groups of comedians chilling outside having a beer and/or a smoke. It's another comedy show in itself. "Spitting beer out of their mouth, and choking, as they try to squeeze in a swig of beer."


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