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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet the People Behind #CFCF2013: Photographer Katherine Clark

Katherine Clark, #CFCF2013 Photographer
Katherine Clark
In the past the Cape Fear Comedy Festival has not done the best job documenting our event.  This year this is not the case.  In fact, we are pretty excited at the level of pros we have working to capture some of the best moments of our festival.

Like many Wilmington residents, Katherine grew up in another city. As a young girl in Richmond, Virginia Katherine starting taking pictures, mostly to get out of awkward family pictures by being the one behind the camera.  It led to her going to art camp where she started taking photography classes.  She was quickly hooked and has been doing it ever since.

A few years back she made the move to Wilmington, NC and randomly met one of the members of the Nutthouse Improv Troupe that performs every Wednesday at Nutt Street Comedy Room.  Being someone that has always been drawn to people that followed their passions, she volunteered to shoot one of their practices. From there she began doing headshots and shooting live shows.  It was this that helped solidify the style of photography Katherine wanted to make a living at. 

You will see Katherine at this year's Cape Fear Comedy Festival snapping candid shots of the comedians behind the scenes as well as taking pictures of the audience and other random awesomeness. To check out some of her work or to hire Katherine, visit her web site at


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