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Monday, April 15, 2013

Find us On Facebook!

The Cape Fear Comedy Festival on Facebook
You see it every day of your waking life.  "LIKE US ON FA BOOK" on some marquee to a cash only diner that doesn't have a web site. Well of course the Cape Fear Comedy These folks understand that facebook is powerful, but have no clue how to connect with their target audience.  

We began our fb fan page before we were even really a 'thing'.  That doesn't make us hipster, just foward thinking.  Many have done the same.  What we do that is different is post regular content to the page.  We have interfaced our facebook fan page with the bios for the comedians.  Why?  So you can connect directly with them and/or subscribe to THEIR facebok feeds and get to know them before you come to our festival.  This is just one of the many things you will get to see on our faceook page.  Head over now and check it out.  Click 'Like' if you want, but more importantly, interact and comment on our posts.  We also want to get to know YOU!
Cape Fear Comedy Festival Facebook Page

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