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Monday, April 22, 2013

Early Weather Forecast for #CFCF2013

Weather Report from for #CFCF2013
It's a little early to peg exactly what the weather is going to be like, however, now that I have reached my late 30's my interest in weather is creeping in.  Next thing you know I will be complaining to the mail man because he arrived 20 minutes then later on some random day.  

Wilmington Weather in May
Wilmington, North Carolina typically averages about 71 degrees for a high during the first week of May.  The water temps are still pretty chilly (61-65 degrees when in the summer they hit the 80's).  It's a perfect time of year to be on the coast.  It gets a little brisk at night, but nothing a jacket or a few drinks can't cure. It is also a somewhat stormy time of the year, however, those that live in the area can tell you, most showers don't last long and the streets are dried up within a few hours.

Last Year's Weather
Last year we had unseasonably warm temperatures during the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  It reached nearly 90 degrees on a few days including our beach day.

In summary, the weather is pretty awesome in Wilmington, North Carolina in the first week of May during the Cape Fear Comedy Festival. It's not hurricane season, so that is not a worry, and the early evenings cool off perfectly.  If you have never been to the area, pack a few warmer layers for the evening and perhaps an umbrella and some sunscreen.  Probably won't need the bathing suit, but maybe an insulated wet suit could come in handy. That is unless you are just trying to catch some rays, in which case, bring the bikini, Jeanie.

-Matt Ward


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