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Monday, February 4, 2013

How much stage time could I get at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival?

After three years of running the Cape Fear Comedy Festival it has been very clear to us that stage time is the primary concern for performers.  in 2011 almost all of the comics that spent the whole week with us got on stage multiple times. We did learn however, that folks that came in just for a few days of the festival would have liked to get on stage more.  Solution?

We still are working to finalize our schedule but at this time we have three spots where comedy is going to be happening.  Similar to 2012, two of those spots are located within the same building as Nutt Street Comedy Room (The Soapbox Laundro-lounge- Yes, you read that right, a laundromat bar). The Soapbox is a three level entertainment complex.  Downstairs is Nutt Street Comedy Room.  On the main floor is a stage where we will also be having showcases. In addition we have just a mile away TheatreNOW which seats 125.  

Just looking at our rough schedule, the LEAST amount of stand-up showcases that gives us is 18 showcases. Now, we aren't going to reveal how many comics we are accepting at this time.  We know some of you are good at algebra and might be able to figure out our social security numbers if we did that.  Word problems are powerful!  However, We can say that this is a 40% increase in the amount of stage time from last year.

We have an aggressive marketing plan on tap for 2013 that is vastly more comprehensive then 2012, so we can make sure their is a crowd for even the earliest shows during the festival.

-Matt Ward @mattwardcomedy

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