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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How important is a web site to getting into Cape Fear?

Matt Ward here, co-founder of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  I have been asked this question quite a bit over the three years of our fest.  "Do I HAVE to have a web site to get in to the CFCF?"  Answer? No, you don't.  However, if you have been doing comedy long enough that you are submitting to a comedy festival, you probably should have some representation of yourself online.  This brings up the second question. "Can I just use my personal facebook page?"   Answer?  Yes, you can.  It is always good to network with other comedians and facebook is still the standard on doing just that.  However, with the fact that Wordpress and Blogger in addition to many other platforms make building your own site very cheap if not free AND simple, there is no reason NOT to have one.  Here are two excuses for not having a web site.  1.)  I don't know how to do it?   Response:  You didn't know how to write jokes once, but you watched how others did it or did something to learn how, and now you do.  Self promotion is a necessary part of having any type of career in comedy.  That brings us to reason number 2. I don't like to self promote, I want my comedy to speak for itself.  Response.  Good luck with that.... You HAVE to self promote and put yourself out there in SOME way in order to meet more folks to learn more and become a better comic AND to make fans of your comedy and connect with them to let them know about future shows. In summary, you don't HAVE to have a web site, but if we put your video up against someone that is equally good that has all there headshots, press kit and such online, we are going to lean towards picking the self promoter that is also as talented as you.

-Matt Ward


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