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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Day to Submit to 2012 Festival

Today is the last day to submit for a chance to perform at the 2012 Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  We still will accept submissions after today, so don't sweat it if you don't have the time to submit before taking the girl/guy that won't fuck you out.  Just kidding.  We won't.  Submissions end at midnite and that is that.

The process for reviewing submissions is under way.  As we promise we review EVERY single submission and use a very complex process to determine who we pick. It's not just what credits you have or what type of stage you are on in your video.  We are looking for comics that fit the vibe of our festival.  Original material delivered in a confident unique way are a few things we look for, for example.

Also, we will be announcing to those that did and did not make it within the first week of March allowing folks time to make travel plans.  Thanks for taking the time to submit and for most of you being tolerant of our use of Eventbrite to do it (collects all the info at once).

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