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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Film "The Unbookables" to Screen at 2012 Cape Fear Comedy Festival

We are super excited to announce that we will be screening the movie 'The Unbookables' at the 2012 Cape Fear Comedy Festival!  Our staff has had a chance to check the movie out and we are convinced it captures the realities of the struggles of alternative comics perfectly and will be a fantastic addtion to our festival! Check out this trailer of the movie!

The Unbookables Movie
The Unbookables is a true story about standup comics who have spent their whole lives pushing limits – onstage and off. Road life is hard. Comics come and go. Cruel pranks and hard drinking punctuate their dark comedy. These comics goad each other to do edgier and edgier bits until they face being fired for going way too far. Will they compromise or double down?
The movie's executive producers are Doug Stanhope and his manager Brian Henngian.  Don't miss this rare North Carolina screening of the film!

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