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Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday Night Headliner Announced: Marc Price!

We are excited to announce our Friday Night Headliner, former Family Ties sitcom star Marc Price!  Marc played Mallory Keaton's boyfriend Skippy on the series. Marc came to Nutt Street back in early February and sold out both nights with fantastic responses to each show so we are bringing him back for one big show!

His wildly enthusiastic fans have anointed him the Generation X Comic, speaking for a confused generation that desperately yearns for a voice. They have finally found it with Price. Marc Price dives right in, tackling the issues that are unique to the post baby boomers: growing up in a single parent home, high risk sex, the first group to grow up in the information age, the warped and confused family value system, the strange fascination with nostalgia and the allegations that anyone in their 20’s is a slacker.

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